Crypto exchange software under our white label

Choose a market-ready solution for crypto exchange and get for a turnkey cost, a non-turnkey set of features that ensures you are ready for any market conditions.
Trading cryptocurrencies
has become a global trend with several business options. You will have a ready-to-go business with the OctoStrategy white-label platform. This fast-paced industry is continually pushing for advancement, ride the crest of success with a comprehensive solution you can rely on.
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Get the expertise, of our top-notch experts in the industry implemented in one solution. Our white-label software includes a range of modules to help you create the best possible client experience.
  • Google analytics
  • Compliance with industry standarts and regulations
  • Intuitive UX/UI design
  • Automated e-mails
  • IP detection, screening & CloudFare
  • Intuitive admin backend panel
  • Automated order execution & settings

Solution main features

Web, mobile site and interface
Meet all the expectations of your end clients/customers
Support for various cryptocurrencies
Backed by key crypto
KYC/KYB Integration
Fully compliant, with incorporate features and custom approach to meet all possible regulatory restrictions
Blockсhain wallets setting up
Back office interface to monitor & manage your customers funds
Telegram bot with notifications
Customizable bot that alerts you to actions taking place within your business
Client profile - private and business
А market–ready solution for both individuals and corporate clients

Step-by-step to complete solution

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  • Constant feedback from our experts
  • Extensive industry experience
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