Who we are

We develop, implement and explore new solutions and opportunities of information technologies. Our vital keystone is the implementation of IT fundamentals to the modern financial systems.


Established in 2021, OctoStrategy takes pride in offering a wide spectrum of IT services for the financial market participants. Our management team is comprised of industry experts, with not less than 5 years of working experience in finance, ranging from banks and electronic money institution to early-stage blockchain start-ups. Our IT department consisting of a network of both in-house and outsourced partners, proficient in the development of financial, e-commerce, business automation and management projects.
Streamlined mutual efforts allow the company to be able to build solid web, mobile and back-end solutions for the online entrepreneurs and finance - related businesses across the globe. Addressing the emerging and promising trends in the financial industry, OctoStrategy takes a particular focus on the development of infrastructure for cryptocurrency companies, coming with its own White - Label Virtual Asset Exchange and Management Software - Spaad. It is an easily scalable and adaptive system with an intuitive backend infrastructure, which is also equipped with the necessary integrations, enabling the service subscriber to gain access to cryptocurrency liquidity and automated AML screening software on the spot, without any additional time delays, financial costs or sophisticated integrations.
Spaad is equally beneficial for the recently established companies, looking to begin their operations quickly, as well as for the established FinTech companies, which seek to add cryptocurrency to the portfolio of their services. The core mission, which OctoStrategy outlines for itself, is to allow FinTech companies to avoid excess development and implementation costs by choosing a White-Label, specifically tailored to the needs of a company. Given, that virtually any asset nowadays has a potential for tokenization, FinTech companies should not neglect a growing importance of supporting cryptocurrencies as one of the core services offered by them.
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