Welcome to OctoStategy!


Good day, future client! So nice of you to stop by and see us. You just caught us in a real feast time!



This year OctoStrategy is celebrating its first anniversary. We marked that event with a new corporate identity and a website you are looking at right now:) 


In the spring of 2021, OctoStrategy was a small startup of two people with big dreams. Now it is a confident company with team members from five different countries. Being in Latvia we are not limiting the geography of our work — right now we are working on various projects from different parts of the world.


Do you want to know what our business is about? Let us tell you. We are making the lives of different entrepreneurs and companies more convenient and profitable. 




OctoStrategy offers unique IT solutions, which help to make flow safer, faster, and more efficient. We provide full-cycle fintech development services: from evaluation and analytics to implementation and post-launch support. Our SaaS platform makes a great impact on your digital customer experience.


What's the point?


We had built our platform from the ground up, that's why we know it and can modify it for any goal which you set for the company. Through free consultations, our team will help you to understand market trends and develop a personalized solution that will definitely boost your business performance. 


OctoStrategy is the best way to start using technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes right now. From mobile banking and insurance. Join us to be in the center of the new world with smart fintech solutions.

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