We are hiring!


Throughout the year, our company has been building momentum and overcoming a huge variety of challenges. Now we can say for sure that business and working together in OctoStrategy is a real journey.

Our whole team is sailing in the same boat on the raging currents of the financial rivers. Together we circumvent obstacles, help each other, find unexpected solutions, and open new horizons in work and life. 


It's interesting. It's exciting. It's energizing. 


We are happy to announce that we are approaching the first big milestone - the anniversary and expansion of our company. It is now the moment when we are ready to accept new employees — new friends into OctoTeam. Our ship is getting bigger, which means we are ready for a longer voyage and more ambitious goals. 


OctoStrategy is a young and modern company. We want our employees to grow with us, and we are ready to make real possibilities for that. Every day all members of our team make an OctoSystem where everybody feels comfortable and has great opportunities for improving professional skills. 


Such a big pleasure to grow like an expert between motivated colleagues who inspire you! 


We are happy to announce that by joining us you’ll start to enjoy: 

- high-tech, amazing office with paid parking, snacks, and drinks;
- great team, with a very friendly atmosphere and the huge desire of every member to help and cooperate; 
- huge opportunities for growth with a company that has ambitious plans for the future;
- compensation package matching global standards;
- medical insurance;
- flexible work hours.  

We believe that a company is only as good as its employees. Encouragement of our people in their initiatives is one of our fundamental ideas. Together we are growing our company culture in which everybody can feel comfortable and needful for a common cause. Are you ready to become a part of a strong team and build your own dizzy career? 


GOOD NEWS — WE ARE HIRING! On our website, you can find career positions that are open now. Who knows, maybe you finally found your dream team;) 


Take the next step to your bright future — come to join OctoStrategy! 

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